CP&D Online Help

How do I use the online service?

Public Portal

The public portal allows users to view permit application, parcel, and public notice information.

  • Application Search: Search for applications by permit number, address, or name.  For more information view the Application Search Help.
  • Parcel Search: Search for parcels by address, owner name, parcel number, or visually with a map.  Once a parcel is selected you can view permit applications, zoning, and legal description. For more information view the Parcel Search Help.
  • Public Notices: Search for public notices by application number, address, name, or contractor. For more information view the Public Notice Help.

Private Portal

With a secure online login account, users can view private details and manage permit applications associated with their account.

  • Create an Account: An online user account must be created and can be linked to your associated permit applications using an access code. For more information view the Create an Account Help.
  • Reset Password: Forget a user account password, view the Reset Password Help.
  • Update Email Address: Update a portal user email account, view the Updating Email Help.
  • Manage Account: Once an account is established and logged into, account information, including notification preferences, can be edited. View the Manage Account Help.
  • Apply for Permit: Several types of permits are available for online applications.  For more information view the Apply for Permit Help.
  • Upload Submittal Documents: Many applications have required submittal documents that must be uploaded to complete an application.  For more information view the Application Submittals Help.
  • Submittal Deficiencies and Revisions: If one or more requirements are not met on your application submittal it will be flagged and returned for revisions.  For more information view the Submittal Deficiencies and Revisions Help.
  • Pay for Permits: All fees must be paid prior to a permit being issued.  For more information view Pay for Permits Help.
  • Issue Permits: Once approved, some application types allow for issuing and printing the permit online.  For more information view Issue Permits Help.
  • Request and Schedule Inspections: Once a permit is issued a request can be made. For more information view the Request Inspections Help.
  • View Applications: View active, expired, and closed permit applications associated with your account.  For more information view the View Application Help.

What do I need to use the online service?   

  • Your Access Code. The access code will help associate your new account with any permits you may already have applied. Don't have one? Contact CP&D at 360-753-8314 TTY: 360-753-8270 or cpdinfo@ci.olympia.wa.us        

When can I use this online service?

You can access CP&D online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact the Permit Center at 360.753.8314 or cpdinfo@ci.olympia.wa.us.