Fones Road Corridor

Aerial map of Fones road between 18th and Pacific avenues

What's happening?

The City is moving forward with plans to improve Fones Road. The project area is the entire length of Fones Road between 18th and Pacific Avenues. Construction is scheduled for 2022/2023 and the estimated cost is $16M.

Planned changes to this street include:

  • A new roundabout and lane modifications to improve traffic flow.
  • Bike lanes and sidewalks to improve the safety of people walking and biking.
  • Upgraded crossing at the intersection of the Karen Fraser Woodland Trail.
  • New landscaping, lighting, and upgraded utilities.
  • New pavement on the entire street.

Illustration of lane changes and improvements on Fones Road

Roadway Improvements

The proposed design will include the addition of a roundabout, intersection improvements, and changes to the number of travel lanes in portions of the corridor.

Rendering of pedestrian crossing on Fones road

Pedestrian Crossing

A pedestrian crossing at the Karen Fraser Woodland Trail will include a raised crosswalk with a protected island and flashing beacons.

Rendering of protected bike lane on Fones Road

Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes will create a buffer between cars and people riding bicycles. This addition to the broader bike network will also help connect people to the Karen Fraser Woodland Trail.

Rendering of compact roundabout on Fones road

Compact Roundabout

A compact roundabout will be installed near Home Depot and the Red Leaf Apartments. This will improve traffic flow, provide a u-turn opportunity, and serve as a gateway between the residential and commercial areas.


Contact Project Manager Jim Rioux at 360.753.8484 or