Olympia WalksFamily Walking in Olympia

Did you know that it takes less than half an hour to walk from the Eastside or the Westside to the center of Downtown?

Walking in Olympia is the simplest, smartest way to get around. It's fun, good for the environment, builds community, keeps neighborhoods safe, saves you money, and best of all it relieves stress and keeps you fit! Use the maps or links below and get out and walk today!

Olympia Walk Map

Check out the City's Walk Map which includes trails, landmarks, public art and more. Please note, this is a big file.

You can also pick up a paper copy of the map at City Hall during business hours. If you'd like one mailed to you, please email Michelle Swanson with your name and address.

Great Places to Walk

Tours, trails and more! The following are some of our favorite places to walk. You can also see a complete listing of City of Olympia Parks and Trails. For other local area park and trail information visit Thurston County ParksLacey Parks or Tumwater Parks

Neighborhood PathwaysNeighborhood Pathways

Neighborhood pathways are short connections for bicyclists and pedestrians that link streets to parks, schools and other streets where no motor vehicle connection exists. 

These neighborhood pathways enhance mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians by shortening trip lengths and providing more comfortable off-street route alternatives.

Pedestrian Crossings

At certain locations, improvements help pedestrians cross safely.  Learn more about our Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Program.


Walking is one of Olympia's most popular forms of active recreation. Learn more about how Olympia builds and maintains our sidewalks.


Contact Michelle Swanson, AICP, Senior Program Specialist, at 360.753.8575 or mswanson@ci.olympia.wa.us