Focus Areas


Making the community's vision a reality

In 2014, Council adopted a 20-year Comprehensive Plan that outlines a broad and ambitious vision for our community. To help us track, share and evaluate our progress, we organized the plan into the following six focus areas. Each focus area has a variety of outcomes and related work plan items. Learn more about each below.

Every year we evaluate our performance and engage with the community to ensure we’re making progress on our priorities. This informs where we invest resources and our annual work plan.

Public Health & Safety

  • A safe and welcoming community
  • Reliable and responsive emergency services
  • A safe and reliable water supply
  • Public infrastructure in the City is well-maintained
  • Adequate food and shelter

Community Livability

  • A commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community
  • Access to affordable and stable housing
  • A safe transportation system with options for everyone
  • Recreation opportunities for everyone
  • Connections to our culture and history.


  • A stable and resilient economy
  • Thriving, independent and locally owned businesses
  • Economically secure with opportunities to prosper


  • A vibrant urban destination
  • Safe and welcoming for all
  • A mix of housing for all income levels
  • Engaging arts and entertainment


  • A leader on climate action
  • Opportunities for a daily connection to nature
  • Protected water resources and natural areas
  • Embrace a waste-free culture


  • Distinctive places & gathering spaces
  • Nearby goods and services
  • Engaged in community decision making
  • Safe and welcoming places to live