Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

City employees participating in Olympia Pride Parade

Our commitment

The City of Olympia commits to making our community a safe and equitable place for all community members, regardless of race, sexual identity, religious beliefs, or disability. We acknowledge the power and influence we have to impact the daily lives of our residents, and the power to shape policies and practices that reduce inequities stemming from centuries of institutional and structural racism and oppression.

We commit to continuing to learn and take action to dismantle all forms of oppression within our City government and its operations by lifting up and including the voices of our marginalized community members in decision-making, and working in partnership with the many community organizations dedicated to addressing social justice and inequity.

Learn more about what we've done and what we're currently working on below.

Human rights/Black Lives Matter/George Floyd mural in Olympia

Social Justice & Equity Advisory Commission

In June 2020, City Council directed that a new Advisory Commission be formed to listen to marginalized community members who are most impacted by social and institutional injustice and inform how the City addresses institutional racism.

The process to form the Commission is led by a founding member Work Group made up of four community members representing historically marginalized groups. In Spring 2021, the Work Group hosted a series of community conversations that elevate the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Immigrants, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+ residents.

What the Work Group members heard and learned through the community dialogue will inform the new Commission’s make-up and terms, formal name, and scope of work. Once formally established by the Council, recruitment will open for the first full-term permanent Commission members.

Learn more and get involved on Engage Olympia.

To learn more, contact Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Olivia Salazar de Breaux at osalazar@ci.olympia.wa.us.

Equality mural in downtown Olympia

Re-imagining public safety

In April 2021, the City Council launched a community-led public engagement process to re-imagine Olympia’s public safety system. The goal is to identify solutions for reducing inequities, eliminating bias, and creating a public safety system that works for all.

The process will be led by a Community Work Group, who will host a broadly inclusive engagement process that emphasizes the voices and expertise of marginalized individuals and those with lived experience in the public safety system. The process will launch in April and be completed in December 2021.

Get involved with the process on Engage Olympia.

To learn more, contact Stacey Ray, Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, at sray@ci.olympia.wa.us.

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Committee on Diversity & Equity

In 2015, the City established an internal staff Committee on Diversity & Equity (CDE) with a mission to advocate and promote equality and diversity within the organization, and to celebrate and encourage diversity in the community.

Within the City organization, Committee members host space for learning and dialogue, invite guest educators host trainings, and advocate for changes in City policies and procedures to create a more welcoming and inclusive work culture.

Committee members also partner with a variety of community organizations on educational programs and activities that are open to all community members and contribute to celebrating and encouraging diversity.

To learn more, contact the Committee on Diversity and Equity at cde@olympiawa.gov.

Municipal Equality Index Banner

Municipal Equality Index (MEI) Scorecard

The City participates in an annual voluntary policy review called the Municipal Equality Index (MEI). The MEI examines the laws, policies, and services of municipalities and rates them on the basis of their inclusivity of LGBTQ+ people who live and work there. Each year, Olympia strives for a perfect score.

Safe Olympia logo over the door of a Safe Olympia business downtown

Safe Olympia

The Olympia Police Department partners with local businesses, schools and organizations to create safe locations for the reporting of hate crimes, harassment and discrimination. To connect with one of our Police Department LGBTQ Community Liaisons regarding public safety projects or SAFE Olympia, email lgbtq@ci.olympia.wa.us.

Other programs, efforts and accomplishments

Community Resources

We are proud to work with the organizations below to promote equality and diversity in our community? Want to add your group? Contact us at cde@ci.olympia.wa.us.

Community resource logos and links

Black Alliance of Thurston County Capital City Pride PFLAG Pizza Klatch Transgender Advocacy Group Hispanic Roundtable


Contact Olivia Salazar de Breaux, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator at 360.753.8343 or osalazar@ci.olympia.wa.us.

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