Water Surcharge - Annexation Agreement

Why a Water Surcharge?

In 1969, Olympia established a water surcharge for customers who receive water and are outside the City limits in Olympia Municipal Code (OMC 13.04.390). This surcharge was put in place to:

  • Recover the higher costs associated with delivering water outside the City.
  • Provide an incentive for annexation consistent with the Growth Management Act.

Eliminate Your Water Surcharge

Do you live in the Urban Growth Area (UGA) and pay a surcharge for water? Did you know that property owners who reside outside the Olympia City limits but use City water, are eligible for a reduction in their water bill?

Agreement of Annexation

If you are paying the 50 percent surcharge, in addition to the standard rate for City water, you have an option. The Olympia municipal code allows for the elimination of this surcharge to property owners who sign an Agreement to Annex PDF with the City of Olympia. Visit the City's OMC webpage to view the applicable codes (13.04.240, 13.04.242 and 13.04.390).

Why Sign the Agreement?

By signing the agreement, you will no longer have to pay the surcharge. This will affect the size of your bill, especially during the summer months with heavy water use. Here are some important facts to know about the agreement.

  • The agreement must be signed and notarized by all property owners.
  • Signing does not automatically make your property part of the City.
  • Signing does allow the City Council to consider your annexation when growth and other factors warrant the inclusion of your property into the City.

For more information on the water surcharge and the agreement to annex, view our Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF


Questions About the Annexation Form?

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