SLR Adaptation Strategies

Percival Landing from the water

How will we protect Downtown?

A variety of potential adaptation strategies are available to protect Downtown from sea level rise. Different areas of Downtown will require different adaptation strategies. In some areas, more than one adaptation strategy may be feasible, or a combination of strategies may be needed.

Phasing of adaptation strategies to address increasing sea level rise is expected. Included in our menu of options are physical strategies (walls, raised planters) and non-physical strategies (emergency response, updated building codes).

To show what potential physical adaptation strategies could look like on the ground, conceptual drawings have been developed. The conceptual drawings depict options available at Capitol Lake, Percival Landing, and East Bay (Billy Frank Jr trail) to protect Downtown from 24 and 68-inches of sea level rise.

To review the conceptual drawings, and to learn more about the potential adaptation strategies available to protect Downtown from sea level rise, review the Our SLR Strategies Storymap available below.


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