Sea Level Rise

HIgh tide near flooding level at Percival Landing

A Plan to protect Downtown Olympia

The City of Olympia (City), LOTT Clean Water Alliance (LOTT) and the Port of Olympia, under the guidance of the consulting firm AECOM Technical Services, completed the Olympia Sea Level Rise Response Plan in March 2019.

Downtown Olympia is the social, cultural, historic, and economic core of the city. While our downtown’s extensive shoreline helps make Olympia an extraordinary city, it also makes us vulnerable to flooding. In the coming decades, sea level rise could cause flooding downtown with property damage and loss of public services. At just 12-inches of sea level rise, a 100-year flood event could occur every other year.

Proactive action to adapt to sea level rise will be needed in the decades ahead to not only protect, but also enhance our downtown and our shoreline. The preservation of downtown Olympia will require the community’s support and attention. Along the way, opportunities will exist to enhance the natural resources attributes of the shoreline.

Olympia Sea Level Rise Response Collaborative

The City of Olympia, LOTT Clean Water Alliance and the Port of Olympia have formed the Olympia Sea Level Rise Response Collaborative (Collaborative) to implement the Olympia Sea Level Rise Response Plan. The Collaborative's Executive Committee includes up to two elected officials from the City of Olympia, LOTT and the Port.

At the June 24, 2021 meeting, the Executive Committee elected Olympia City Councilmember Madrone as Chair and Commissioner E.J. Zita as Vice-Chair. They also adopted their strategic plan and annual work plan.

Elected officials met four times to discuss and finalize the Interlocal Agreement and By-Laws that detail the Collaborative’s governance structure. Click on the dates below to watch the videos of the meetings that were held virtually.

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