Rain Gardens

Rain garden in backyard

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are strategically designed and built to collect and manage stormwater. They can be adapted for all shapes and sizes of properties and add a lovely landscape amenity while providing water quality benefits.

Rain Gardens look similar to a landscaped garden on the surface, but underground they are different. During construction, 12 to 24 inches of native soil is replaced with a spongy compost mix that holds and absorbs the stormwater, preventing polluted runoff from entering local streams and Puget Sound.

Rain gardens have other benefits as well. They can help with soggy yards and can provide year round beauty since their plants like growing in both wet and dry conditions.

How to construct your own rain garden

Rain garden incentive program - Up to $400 reimbursement!

Are you interested in installing a rain garden? Our rain garden incentive program will reimburse applicants up to $400 upon the completion of their rain garden. The incentive is intended for new rain gardens added to existing development. New development/permitted rain gardens are not eligible for the rain garden incentive.


Contact Susan McCleary at 360.570.3794 or smccleary@ci.olympia.wa.us