One-Side Collection

What is One-Side Collection?

One-side road collectionIn most cases, City waste collectors travel in both directions to pick up carts from each side of the road. With one-side road collection, customers from both sides of the street line up carts on the same side, allowing the truck to make only one pass.

Benefits of One-Side Collection

  • Reduces miles driven by 40%
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduced truck maneuvering
  • Reduces collection time by 20%
  • Potential to increase the number of customers served by each truck

All of these add up to significant savings in operational costs and help to keep garbage and recycling rates more stable over time.

One-Side Collection in Olympia

Nearly 3,000 households in Olympia are currently on one-side collection. Some customers on dead-end roads without turnarounds have been successfully collected this way since 2003.

Where will One-Side Collection be implemented?

We are currently focused on converting loop-type roads and gridded areas where the collection truck is able to make one pass down your street instead of two.

If your street or neighborhood is being considered for one-side collection you will be contacted directly via postal mail with more information.

  • Wellington West
  • Lake Cove
  • Miller & Jasper


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