LGBTQ Community Liaison

What are LGBTQ Community Liaisons?

Our LGBTQ Community Liaisons provide outreach to the LGBTQ residents of Olympia. They promote public safety projects and programs aimed at establishing a closer, more effective dialogue between the police and the LGBTQ community.

Liaisons are available to meet with groups and individuals who are interested in improving safety for LGBTQ citizens, as well as building better relationships between the LGBTQ community and the Olympia Police Department. They are also a resource to the public about hate crimes.

  • Working closely with the LGBTQ community on a variety of community related events and issues
  • Attending the City’s Committee on Diversity & Equity Meetings
  • Coordinating OPD participation in LGBTQ and PRIDE related events throughout the region
  • Responding to all "OPD SAFE OLYMPIA " website requests and inquiries
  • Monitoring all LGBTQ related crime statistics and responses

Our LGBTQ Community Liaisons

Ren Emerson

Lt. Emerson-Beckman

Lt. Ren Emerson was appointed as the first female LGBTQ Liaison for the department in December of 2014. Sgt. Emerson's experience in corrections combined with her ability to communicate across cultural boundaries make her an excellent selection for the position. In this role, she will seek to improve law enforcement service to the LGBTQ community while promoting the ideals of inclusion, respect, dialogue, and cooperation between the police and the community. Her goals are threefold: to educate the police, to educate the community, and to build trust. Sgt. Emerson will work in partnership with other City agencies, the LGBTQ community, and community-based organizations to foster positive relationships with the law enforcement community.

Shelby Nutter

Sgt. Shelby Parker

Sgt. Parker was appointed as a LGBTQ Liaison in 2016.  She was hired as a police officer in 2003.  Sgt. Parker has served the community as a patrol officer, traffic officer, detective, and patrol sergeant.  She values community partnerships and believes an open dialog between the community and the police department is critical to establishing and maintaining trust. 

Jeanelle Stull 

Jeanelle Stull

Jeanelle Stull is the Records Manager for the Olympia Police Department.  She has been with OPD for 21 years.  Jeanelle was appointed as an LBGTQ Liaison in 2018.  She cares deeply about all people being treated with respect and dignity and excels at helping people navigate the complicated maze of the criminal justice system.  In her free time, Jeanelle enjoys playing dog sports with her three Boston Terriers.

Gina Rogers

Gina Rogers

Gina is an Olympia original with strong ties to the community.  She currently serves on the Management Team as a civilian at the Olympia Police Department and has a son that is in Law Enforcement.  Her parents are long time residence of Olympia and own a local café that Gina has worked at over the years. Volunteer work is important to Gina to give back to the community.  In the past, she volunteered with Capital City Pride and is currently active in volunteer work at the Washington Center for Performing Arts. Gina is passionate about both her police and LGBTQ families. In her free time, she enjoys travel, hiking, yoga and spending time with her wife and two dogs.


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