Community Programs

Working Together

for a Safer Olympia

OPD Officer with Downtown shopkeeperEveryone plays a role in reducing the chance of criminals finding easy targets in Olympia. It is important that citizens work together, and work together with police, to reduce crime and increase the feeling of safety in our community.

Small actions can make a big difference! Something as simple as double checking to make sure car doors are locked can reduce the opportunity for criminal activity. To a higher degree, collaborating with neighbors to create a Block Watch group brings people together, working toward a common public safety goal.

Sharing information is an important part of maintaining a connection between law enforcement and the community. Reporting incidents helps make our data about crime trends more accurate and assists with distributing resources intelligently. We operate a variety of online accounts and services to engage and inform our citizens wherever they are.

Neighborhood Block Watch SignBlock Watch

The goal of Block Watch is to reduce crime by educating the community, increasing reporting, and improving communication among neighbors and between neighborhood groups and the police.

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Hand holding keyfobCrime Prevention

In Olympia, property crimes are the most common, including residential burglary, vehicle prowls and identity theft. By taking just a few simple actions, you can drastically reduce your chance of being a victim.

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• Home Safety - Holiday Tips

• Driving Safety - Holiday Tips

• Bike Theft Prevention

• Home Security Checklist

• Identity Theft Prevention

• Child Safety Tips

Calling 9-1-1

• 12 Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood

• Active Shooter Preparation

If you are interested in an in-person presentation about crime prevention, please contact Rebekah Ziesemer at 360.753.8578 or

Police Volunteer Programs

Citizen volunteers represent the community in the Olympia Police Department. Opportunities vary from security or traffic control at special events, tracking and logging graffiti tags, and more.

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Spped Watches have been shown to drastically reduce speeding in neighborhoodsSpeed Watch

The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program is a volunteer public awareness program that promotes traffic safety. Trained neighborhood and community volunteers use a digital display to make drivers aware of their speeds.

• Learn more about the Speed Watch Program


Contact Community Programs Officer Rebekah Ziesemer at 360.753.8578 or