Rules & Regulations

Rules and guidelines for this community space

The Olympia Center is a public facility open to all members of the community actively participating in programs or meetings. This facility is for the benefit and well being of all patrons and is intended to be a safe and enjoyable environment to conduct authorized business. Persons failing to comply with these facility guidelines may be subject to expulsion from the premises.


At the discretion of The Olympia Center Supervisor or designee, forms of art may be allowed as temporary or permanent display in The Olympia Center.


Building patrons must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate in a public facility. Use of violent or offensive language/gestures/insinuations, acts of vandalism or acts of violence are not acceptable.

Sleeping is not allowed in public areas.


All furniture must be arranged in a way that allows a standard wheelchair to be maneuvered by the owner. Advanced communication is required for the addition of new furniture and/or major rearrangements.


Signs, posters and banners are allowed only in authorized spaces which are designated by casing or display boards installed by the City of Olympia. Additional signs may not be placed without approval from The Olympia Center Supervisor or designee. Signs, posters or banners may not be placed over any murals or other existing art, doors or windows.


Storage of any item not a part of The Olympia Center activities is not allowed. Any temporary items must be stored away from public view unless authorized by The Olympia Center Supervisor or designee.


Any items that do not meet Olympia Center standards will be removed by City of Olympia staff.

Tobacco, alcohol & drugs

Tobacco, alcohol and drug use of any kind in not permitted in the building. Individuals determined to be under the influence of alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs will be asked to leave the building. Alcohol is permissible by banquet permit for approved events.


Weapons of any type are not allowed in the building.