Registering for a Program

1. Create a new account or login to an existing account.


2. Enter log-in information.


3. Select “Register for Activities” under “Other Services”.


4. Review all Activity options listed on the bottom of the screen or narrow the results down by entering Activity number/Keyword or filtering by Location (i.e, Park), Age Group (i.e., Youth, Adult), Activity Category (Arts, Sports), Community Area (i.e., Priest Point Park, Yauger Park, etc.), Days of Week, Select (time period) or Activity Type.


5. Click on the desired program name.


6. Review program information. To register for the program, click “Add to my Cart.” If the registration period hasn’t begun yet, you may click “Add to Wish List” to add the program to your wish list so you can access it quicker when you return to register. You can also click “Email a Friend” link.


7. Choose the Participant name & click “Continue”.


8. Review costs and click “Continue”.


9. View the information and make changes as needed - edit or remove the activity, or click “Add Another One” to add another family member to the same program. From the Continue Shopping box, you can register for another program in your wish list through the “Add from Wish List” link, or search/register for additional programs through the “Add Activity” link. You can also "Make a Donation." Once ready to complete your transaction, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.


10. Review order information, read and acknowledge waiver, enter credit card information, and verify you are 13 or older. Click “Continue”.


11.  Click "Print" to print a receipt or click "Continue" to return to the home page.