Watershed Park



153.03 Acres


2500 Henderson Boulevard SE (parking)
2829 Henderson Boulevard SE (pedestrian entrance)
1605 Eastside Street SE (pedestrian entrance)
1201 22nd Avenue SE (pedestrian entrance)

Park Features

Deep in the park is the Moxlie Creek Springs Basin, one of the largest spring basins in the region. Beneath the towering, temperate rain forest canopy, the spring branches braid through the skunk cabbages and salmonberries to create Moxlie Creek. The park's trail system, although steep and stepped in locations, provides one of the City's best walking experiences. Parking for the one and a half-mile long, G. Eldon Marshall trail, is on Henderson Boulevard near Interstate 5. The park's trail system can also be accessed from pedestrian entrances on Eastside Street and 22nd Avenue.

Park Accessibility

Due to the park's steep and undulating topography and springs, the trail system includes steep sections of trail with steps and boardwalks over wetlands.  The most accessible, barrier-free compacted crushed rock sections of trail are from the park's pedestrian entrance on Henderson Boulevard near Eskridge to the McCormick Court entrance.  From the parking lot on Henderson Boulevard, the crushed rock trail is barrier-free for a couple hundred yards providing views into the mature forest and Moxlie Creek.  These trails have sections that exceed 10%.  The trail from the 22nd Avenue pedestrian entrance is barrier-free to the creek viewing platform.

Park History

In the late 1800's, wells were first established on the Watershed property. Nearly every glass of water in the City came out of Watershed Park. In 1917, the City acquired the waterworks and operated the wells until they were replaced in the 1950's. In 1955, the property was to be logged and sold. Citizens were so overwhelmingly opposed, they appealed to the Supreme Court to preserve the area. Their efforts resulted in an ordinance that protects this beautiful area today. Upon close observation, park visitors are still able to see signs of the old waterworks and large ancient tree stumps.

:Henderson Blvd Pedestrian Entrance  McCormick Court Entrance  Watershed Park Boardwalk