Ward Lake Parcel

Construction update

Ward Lake Dog Park will be closed for construction August 9-20.


10 Acres (undeveloped)

Park Features:

The park is undeveloped. There is a small parking area and an upland pasture.  Public access is permitted to the upland portion of the site only.  There is no public access to the forested hillside or shoreline.  Swimming is prohibited.

Park History

The identification and purchase of a public swimming beach has been a priority for Olympia since the Capitol Lake Park swimming beach was closed in 1985. This closure resulted from water quality issues that could not be managed within State Health Code standards.

On May 24, 2007 , the City of Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation Department purchased a 10-acre parcel located on Ward Lake, in Olympia 's Southeast Urban Growth Area. Currently, there is no fresh water municipal swim access in Olympia and this property may well have been the last available site large enough for a community fresh water swim area.

Ward Lake Master Plan

The City of Olympia began a master planning process for Ward Lake Park in 2011. In 2012, due to concerns about poor water quality and high development cost estimates, the master plan process was put on hold.