Bigelow Springs

Bigelow Springs


1.3 Acres


930 Bigelow Avenue NE

Park Features 

  • Picnic Areas
  • Hummingbird Garden
  • Benches

This grassy open space contains Bigelow Springs, a free-flowing artesian well. There are interpretive signs and a small seating area near the springs. This hillside park provides great views of East Bay and is a popular sledding hill on Olympia's rare snowy days.

Park History

This property originally belonged to an early homesteader in this area, Daniel R. Bigelow. In Olympia's early years, the springs served as a source of drinking water for the surrounding neighborhood. Four houses in the neighborhood paid $1 per month for water until the price was raised to $1.50 per month in 1935. The City purchased the property in 1994, and developed the site in 1995 with the help of a Sierra Club grant.