Isthmus Park



2.34 Acres


505/529 4th Ave W

Park Features

  • Public Art
  • Benches
  • Open Space
  • Bike Shelter
  • Pump Track (seasonal)

Oly on Ice

Oly on Ice is the City of Olympia's seasonal ice-skating rink, located at Isthmus Park from late fall through early winter. More information about Oly on Ice here.

Seasonal Pump Track

The pump track is one the City’s seasonal recreation opportunities. A pump track is a continuous loop of bumps and banked turns that you ride not by pedaling, but by “pumping.” From mountain bikes to bmx’s, kids bikes, scooters and skateboards, a pump track is a playground for all ages and abilities.

The track is located at Isthmus Park from early Spring through early Fall.

Park History

In 2013, the City purchased the former County Health and Thurston County Housing Authority properties. The derelict buildings were demolished in 2015. In 2018, interim improvements were made to restore the area in a way that allows for public access and enjoyment until a master plan is developed.