Neighborhood Crossroads Program

Cross roads

What is It ?

Neighborhood Crossroads is a new program to create neighborhood gathering places; enhance community identity; and calm traffic through intersection installations. These may be placed at low-traffic intersections, selected by Recognized Neighborhood Associations, and approved by the City. Projects may include an intersection painting, a bench, or a variety of other creative installations.

What is the Benefit?

This program encourages people to create a gathering space for their neighborhood, a place for community interaction and celebrations. An added benefit may be to slow down drivers, making the streets safer for everyone.

We Want it! How do We Apply?

  • Submit a proposal that meets the established criteria
  • Submit a Temporary Use Permit application PDF
  • Sign a contract with the City when applications are approved

Neighborhood planning staff is available to assist with the application process. Contact Lydia Moorehead at or 360.570.3746

 Fertile Island  9th and Adams Bench