Residential Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler Example showing minimal damage from fire in building protected by sprinklers.

Home fire sprinklers are critical in saving lives and property

The fire pictured on the left started on the stove in an apartment building on Fern St SW. The building was protected by fire sprinklers. One sprinkler head activated and extinguished the fire prior to the arrival of Olympia Fire Department units. Resulting damage was about $10,000 and all other families were able to occupy their apartment units.

Six days after the Fern Street fire, OFD units responded to a kitchen fire in an apartment building on 22nd Avenue SE (pictured on the right). The building was NOT protected by fire sprinklers. Resulting damage was over $85,000. Four families were displaced by the fire.

Fire Sprinklers save lives and property in all types of buildings. But where it really matters is where you live. The City of Olympia requires all new residential properties including single family homes to be protected with fire sprinklers. In the event there is a fire in your home, sprinklers could save the lives of you and your loved ones.

Please view this video from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition  on the operation and effectiveness of residential fire sprinkler systems.

For a greater understanding of residential fire sprinklers, take a look at "The Truth About Home Fire Sprinklers" from NFPA. 

Sprinkler and fire alarm standards

Sprinkler and Fire Alarm standards can be found in the Olympia Municipal Code at OMC 16.40.090 (Sprinkler) and OMC 16.44.70 (Alarm).

Fire system permits

The permit process for fire systems starts at Olympia City Hall, 2nd Floor - Community Planning and Development department at 601 4th Ave E, Olympia WA.


Fire Prevention Division, at 360.753.8348 or