Land Use Review

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Land Use Forms & Fees

Land Use forms and Fee Schedules are now available in our Online Permit Portal in the "Documents" section.

Land Use Process & Timeline

Optional but strongly encouraged. At this meeting you will learn about the City's development standards, procedures and everything you need to submit a complete application. A presubmission conference can be requested in the Online Permit Portal.

Intake appointments are scheduled for all submittals except boundary line adjustments, lot consolidations, short plats, and staff level design review. Includes materials such as SEPA Checklist, technical reports (critical areas, stormwater, traffic, tree protection, etc.); site, landscape, and preliminary engineering plans; and architectural design concept.

Application completeness will be determined during the intake meeting. If items are missing, the intake meeting will be rescheduled. Once an application is deemed complete, it will be routed to applicable City departments, agencies, recognized neighborhood associations, and parties of record.

The City issues Notice of Application; public comment period begins. Notice may also contain dates of other public meetings such as neighborhood meeting or Design Review Board.

Target: 8 days from complete application

City staff will schedule informational meeting with neighborhood groups.

Target: 15-23 days from complete application

City staff reviews project and provides preliminary review comments to applicant prior to Design Review Board meeting.

Target: 30 days from complete application

Applicant may submit engineering and building permit applications for review if plans reflect review comments.

34 days from complete application

Project undergoes concept design review by Design Review Board.

Target: 51-58 days from complete application

Planner finalizes review comments including design direction from Design Review Board.

Target: 63 days from complete application

Applicant provided 6 months to respond to City comments. Revised plans and reports routed to City review team.

City either issues final decision or a recommendation to the Hearing Examiner with SEPA Threshold Determination, if project is subject to SEPA.

Target: 40 days following resubmittal. 120 days from complete application.

The appeal period is approximately 3 weeks from the City's decision or recommendation.

Note: If an appeal hearing is required, the process will add approximately 90 days.

If a public hearing is required, review is extended approximately 60 days.

Site Plan Review Committee

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) consists of staff representing Planning, Engineering, Building and the Fire Departments to provide a coordinated review of most land use projects and advises potential land use applicants about City and State land use regulations.

Design Review Board

The Design Review Board was established by City ordinance (OMC Chapter 18.76) to apply design review requirements and guidelines in the review of public and private projects throughout the City and the Olympia urban growth area.

Olympia Hearing Examiner

The Hearing Examiner is appointed by the City Council to conduct quasi-judicial open record public hearings, provide an independent project permit review and issue a final decision of major land use projects consistent with City, State and Federal regulations.

Approved Village Master Planned Developments

The City has adopted detailed plans for specific "Villages" within the City where focused growth is anticipated. These plans include detailed guidance as to the type, shape, size, location, and design of the development allowed within the designated boundaries of the Village. Please use the following documents when considering developing properties within a Village that has an adopted Master Plan.


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