Jury Service

Juror eligibility

The City of Olympia receives a random list of potential jurors from the Thurston County Superior Court on an annual basis. Jury lists are generated from registered voters and licensed drivers in Washington State. This list contains names of residents from the population of the area served by the Olympia Municipal Court by zip codes.

As a juror you may be a resident of a neighboring city, yet if your zip code is also shared by the City of Olympia, you are eligible to serve as a juror for Olympia Municipal Court.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must be a resident of Thurston County
  • Must be able to communicate in the English Language

When You receive a summons

  1. Read both sides of the Jury Summons fully. It is both a summons for Jury Service and a Juror Questionnaire Form.
  2. You must complete the Juror Questionnaire and return it either in person or by mail (see contact info below).
  3. Follow the reporting instructions on the back of your summons.
  4. Bring summons with you on your first day of Jury Service.

Term of service

Your term of service is an on-call period of 2 weeks unless you are selected for a trial that lasts longer. You will not need to spend the entire 2 weeks at the courthouse, but are expected to call in as directed.

Calling the Juror Line (360.570.3761)

Make sure you have your juror number (on juror summons) when calling. Call the Juror line the Friday before the start of your jury term for reporting instructions.

Do not report for jury duty unless you are directed by the recording to do so.

Excusal or postponement of service

Except for a person who is not qualified for jury service under RCW 2.36.070, no person may be excused from jury service by the court except upon a showing of undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, public necessity, or any reason deemed sufficient by the court for a period of time the court deems necessary. (RCW 2.36.100)

A person summoned for jury service who intentionally fails to appear as directed shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Getting excused

If you need to be excused for undue hardship or need a postponement, this must be done in writing. Please fill out the back of your jury summons completely and send it to the court.

Employer responsibilities

An employer shall provide an employee with a sufficient leave of absence from employment to serve as a juror when that employee is summoned pursuant to RCW 2.36.165. An employer shall not deprive an employee of employment or threat, coerce, or harass an employee, or deny an employee promotional opportunities because the employee receives a summons, responds to a summons, serves as a juror, or attends court for prospective jury service.

An employer who intentionally violates subsection (1) or (2) of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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