Public Safety Levy

Officers in Downtown Olympia

About the Levy

In November of 2017 the Olympia community voted yes on a Public Safety Levy. This community support provides the Olympia Police Department the funding to enhance Downtown Walking Patrol, establish a Neighborhood Liaison Unit, continue contemporary police training and recruitment, and to establish a contracted partnership with mental health providers.

Learn more about each of these programs below.

Walking Patrol

Levy funding will allow for a Walking Patrol unit that is dedicated to serving and connecting with our Downtown community 7 days a week, during the day and some evening hours. This unit will be made up of six officers and a supervisor. The department is currently on-track to open the process in late May with the goal of having officers on the streets no later than July of this year.

Comments or suggestions on this program can be emailed to

Crisis Response Team

The department is pleased to announce the hiring of Anne Larsen as the Outreach Services Coordinator in March 2018. This is the first step in moving this critical program forward. The intent of the team is to assist OPD officers in crisis response intervention and to cultivate trust, social relationships and connections to local social service providers. The goal of the team, once established, is to work with existing social service providers to connect individuals in crisis to the appropriate service or program.

Have some suggestions on how this program can be successful? Contact Anne Larsen at 360.753.8238 or

Neighborhood Liaison

Levy funding will allow OPD to create a Neighborhood Liaison Team to engage with our neighbors and creatively address neighborhood concerns. This team will be made up of a program assistant, two officers and a supervisor. The team will work closely with our Crime Prevention and Police volunteer programs. The implementation of this program will follow the implementation of the walking patrol and crisis response team programs.

Contemporary Training

Levy funding will allow more opportunties for the Olympia Police Department to recruit and hire police officers representative of our community. The levy will also allow us to continue to be at the forefront of contemporary police training including de-escalation, crisis intervention, Blue Courage, and Fair and Impartial Policing.


Contact Kandace Johnson 360.753.8147