Occupational Permits

What Is An Occupational Permit?

The City regulates certain occupations that, by the nature of their work, present a heightened safety risk to the public. The City requires that these occupations obtain an Occupational Permit to ensure that those who are engaged in the regulated occupations meet certain background criteria. (OMC 5.10)

An Occupational Permit is not a business license. To engage in business in Olympia you or your employer must also have a valid State Master Business License and a City of Olympia Business license. If you are in one of the regulated occupations, you must also have an Occupational Permit.

The City of Olympia honors Occupational Permits issued by the cities of Lacey, Tumwater, and Yelm. An Occupational Permit issued by one of these cities is valid within the City of Olympia – a separate Occupational Permit is not required.

Who Needs an Occupational Permit?

  • Door-to-door solicitors
  • For-hire drivers (such as taxis and limousines)
  • Locksmiths

How Do I Get One?

How Much Will it Cost?

  • $70 for permit and background checks:
    • $30 permit fee
    • $35.25 State Patrol/FBI record check fee
    • $4.75 fingerprinting fee
  • The fee for renewal permits is $30.00 in a year when you are not required to be fingerprinted, and $70.00 in a year when you are required to be fingerprinted and back-ground checked (every 3rd year).

When Do I Need to Renew It?

  • Renewals must be completed by December 31 of each year
  • A complete background check is required every 3 years