Employment with the Olympia Police Department

Career Opportunities with the Olympia Police Department

The Olympia Police Department is an innovative, full service law enforcement agency whose mission is to proactively address crime and reduce victimization, while safe guarding the constitutional rights of all people. On a daily basis, that purpose engages our employees in complex, challenging tasks that are constantly changing. For that reason, we seek both commissioned and civilian employees who have a solid educational background and a strong work ethic, plus exceptional maturity, flexibility, self-control, common sense, sensitivity and talent at interpersonal communication and problem solving.

Contemporary law enforcement is a particularly satisfying career choice for those who pride themselves on having vision, but who find their greatest enjoyment comes from successfully applying sound concepts to the solution of real-life problems.

Police Officers

The City of Olympia hires entry-level police officers in accordance with City of Olympia Civil Service Rules. The actual selection process involves a number of steps that help ensure that those who are selected to become Olympia Police officers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote the mission of the Department's.

Candidates who pass the rigorous selection process and are appointed as Recruit Police Officers serve an intensive 18 month training and probationary period. The first phase of that process is completing the Washington Basic Law Enforcement Academy. The final phase of training is on-the-job training with Olympia's team of experienced Police Training Officers. Appointees who successfully complete the probationary period are licensed by the State as peace officers and become full-fledged Olympia Police Officers.

Corrections Officers

The City maintains a 28-bed City Jail for the housing of misdemeanor offenders. The hiring process for entry-level corrections officers is very similar to that for police officers. Recruit Corrections Officers attend the Washington Corrections Academy prior to assuming a regular assignment in the City Jail. Corrections officers, like police officers, go through a field training and probationary period. The probationary period for Corrections Officers is six months.

Civilian Staff

The Department offers professional opportunities in clerical services, police records, warrant and civil order processing, technology support, crime scene investigation and property management, crime analysis, volunteer management and management analysis. Olympia participates in the TCOMM regional 9-1-1 dispatch center (Thurston County Communications) and does not have communications positions in-house. Clerical, records and warrant/civil order positions require successful completion of qualifying tests. Other civilian positions require special professional preparation and/or formal education prerequisites. Civilian employees also serve a six month training and probationary period.

Salaries and Benefits

The Olympia Police Department offers salaries that are competitive with other western Washington police agencies and an outstanding benefit package. Check with the City of Olympia Human Resources for the latest salary rates.

Applying for Employment with the Olympia Police Department

To learn about current job opportunities, how to apply, and how to prepare for employment with the Olympia Police Department, see the Employment and Volunteer Opportunities section of the City web page - particularly the Police Department Testing page.