Winter Tips

Parks are open during winter

Olympia's moderate weather allows for year around access in our parks most of the time. Olympia parks open at dawn and close at dusk, year around. Please be aware that several factors can impact gate openings and closings and that times can fluctuate due to road conditions, staff resources and other unplanned circumstances.

Winter restroom availability

Some park restrooms are closed during the winter to protect plumbing from the unpredictable freezing temperatures. The following restrooms are available from November 1 until spring.

Temporary sanicans are also available year around at Watershed Park and West Bay Park.

Park shelters

Park Shelters are not available for reservation throughout the winter, but citizens are free to use them on a first come/first served basis during regular park hours. Please note that water service will not be available at any shelters beginning November 1 and continuing until spring.


During most of the winter, trails remain open for your enjoyment. Caution is always advised.  Wind, snow and ice from previous days or even weeks ago can create unexpected hazards. Please be alert for broken tree limbs overhead and irregular footing.

Athletic fields

Our fields at LBA ParkStevens Field and Yauger Park, as well as athletic fields on Olympia School District property, are closed to scheduled use November 1 through March 1. Your respect of the vulnerable turf during the winter months will be appreciated by everyone that looks forward to getting outside again in the spring.

Temporary closures

During and following acts of nature such as high winds, heavy snow, or ice storms we may close some or all of our parks to ensure staff and visitor safety. Please respect closure notices until a full assessment is completed and the parks are reopened.

Reporting hazards or rule violations

Please report any hazards in our parks to our Parks Maintenance office at 360.753.8024 or our Customer Service Center at The Olympia Center. Please report park rule violations, such as off leash dogs or encampments, to the Park Ranger at 360.753.8365. For all emergencies and suspicious behavior, call 911.