City Work Plan


Making the community's vision a reality

In 2014, Council adopted a 20-year Comprehensive Plan that outlines a broad and ambitious vision for our community. To help us track, share and evaluate our progress, we organized the plan into the following six focus areas.

Each focus area has a variety of outcomes and related work plan items. Learn more about each below.

Public Health & Safety

Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
A safe and welcoming community
  • Reimaging Public Safety
  • OPD 2020 Demonstrations and Crowd Control Review
  • Complete Public Safety Plan
  • Implement Legislative actions - Police Reform
Reliable and responsive emergency services
  • Provide I-940 training to all police officers
  • Feasibility Study: Regional Fire Authority for Olympia and Tumwater
  • Feasibility Study to provide Basic Life Support Transport/OFD Cares
A safe and reliable water supply 
  • Drinking Water Utility Emergency Response Plan
  • Water System Plan Update
  • Drinking water reservoir improvements, including seismic upgrades
Public infrastructure in the City is well-maintained 
  • Planning for replacement of Maintenance Center and Justice Center complexes
  • Update of Citywide Pavement Condition Rating System
  • Building Condition Assessment - completion of high priority needs
Adequate food and shelter 


Community Livability

Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
A commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community
Access to affordable and stable housing
A safe transportation system with options for everyone
Recreation opportunities for everyone
Connections to our culture and history
  • Develop City Council/Squaxin Tribal Council strategic work plan
  • Install Squaxin Island Tribe Land Acknowledgement in City Hall
  • Work with Squaxin Island Tribe to design and install Historical Marker on Percival Landing



Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
A stable and resilient economy
  • Complete Economic Development/Resiliency Strategic Plan
Thriving, independent and locally owned businesses
  • Implement COVID Recovery & Reopening Plan
Economically secure with opportunities to prosper
  • Develop City-owned real estate to support future economic development opportunities
  • Develop plan to leverage American Recovery Plan funding



Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
A vibrant urban destination
Safe and welcoming for all
  • Implement Downtown Clean and Safe program
  • Implement CRU expansion pilot program
A mix of housing for all income levels
Engaging arts and entertainment



Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
A leader on climate action
Opportunities for a daily connection to nature
  • Develop Grass Lake Park trail
  • Construct Kaiser Woods Park improvements
  • Transfer stormwater properties for parks/open space use
Protected water resources and natural areas
Embrace a waste-free culture
  • Waste ReSources Master Plan update
  • Reduce contamination in recycling stream
  • Improve recycling at multi-family complexes



Desired Outcomes 2021-22 Work Plan Items
Distinctive places & gathering spaces
Nearby goods and services
  • Develop and support urban agriculture projects and policies
  • Review incentives to establish neighborhood centers
Engaged in community decision making
  • Update Coalition of Neighborhood Association MOU
Safe and welcoming places to live


Resources & Support

The following 2021 – 2022 work plan items are being implemented by the City to support multiple Focus Areas.

Staffing & Training

Process, Procedures & Planning

  • Complete the Citywide Communication Strategic Plan
  • Evaluate and update the City’s complaint process
  • Update staff reports to include Climate and Equity lens
  • Complete financial analysis of SE Annexation proposal


  • Procure and implement new Financial Management & HR software
  • Procure and implement Business & Occupation software
  • Implement One Community Plan data collection and tracking system
  • Launch new parking software
  • Launch new City website
  • Procure and implement data visualization software