Joy Avenue Stormwater Pond

Project Overview

The Joy Avenue Stormwater Pond project is under construction. This new neighborhood stormwater detention facility will be constructed in the Joy Avenue street right-of-way on the east side of Quince Street. This new pond will provide stormwater treatment to water that is currently flowing into Budd Inlet untreated.

Project Background

Much of the northeast neighborhood was built before stormwater was a consideration. Streets were built without curbs, gutters, and storm controls. Roadway runoff water picks up pollutants and conveys them to our streams and the Puget Sound. Stormwater ponds help to capture these pollutants, allowing cleaner water to enter the sound. Stormwater ponds also allow for infiltration of stormwater, which recharges our regional groundwater. Groundwater is the source of our drinking water and the base flow for our streams.

The area that is now under construction for the Joy Avenue Stormwater Pond was already serving as an open area to infiltrate stormwater. Ditches and swales in the neighborhood convey water to this location where it flows into a storm drain and to Budd Inlet.

Tree Removal

A number of trees were removed for construction of the pond and the new sidewalk along Quince Street. Many of the trees were in poor condition and their removal was recommended by an urban forester. A donation of trees was made to the Wild Fish Conservancy for a stream habitat restoration project in Thurston County.

Stormwater Pond Landscaping

The stormwater pond construction will be complete in August, 2007. In November, 2007, the pond and surrounding area will be planted with a wonderful array of native trees, shrubs, and grasses. These plants will provide wildlife habitat, seasonal beauty, and can tolerate both wet and dry conditions.


If you have questions, contact Sheri Zimny, Project Manager, at 360.709.2734, or by email