Interlocal Street Maintenance Agreement

Good news!

The Cities of Olympia and Tumwater entered into an agreement regarding street maintenance in the area bordered by North Street, Carlyon Avenue, Capitol Boulevard, and Hawthorne Street, which went into effect April 2, 2007.

What is an Interlocal Agreement?

An Interlocal Agreement is when two cities enter into an agreement about a program or service that they will share and/or take responsibility for.

Why is an agreement needed?

The city limits in this area are a little confusing. See PDF map of City limits. Not only is it confusing for citizens, but it also presents some unique challenges for staff, such as: Does the street sweeper start and stop sweeping on certain portions of the street, knowing the wind is going to blow the debris back into the area serviced? Or maybe there are two plugged catch basins on one street, but both Tumwater and Olympia must respond. This agreement will lessen confusion for citizens and save time and resources for both cities.

Who has responsibility for what streets?

Below is a list of street maintenance assignments. See PDF map of assigned street maintenance areas for more details.

City of Olympia:

  • Lorne St, SE, from North St to Carlyon Ave
  • Moore St, SE, from South end to Carlyon Ave
  • Hoadly St, SE, from North St to Carlyon Ave
  • Pear St, SE, from North St to Mountain View Pl
  • Quince St, SE, from North St to Mountain View Pl
  • Hawthorne St, SE, from North St to Mountain View Pl

City of Tumwater:

  • Carlyon Ave, SE, from Capitol Blvd to Maringo Rd
  • Sunset Way, SE, from Capitol Blvd to Vista Ave
  • Burnaby Ave, SE, from Sunset Way to Maringo Rd
  • Vista Ave SE, from Fairfield Rd to Maringo Rd
  • Fairfield Rd, SE, from Blass Ave to Burnaby Ave
  • Ogden Rd, SE, from Blass Ave to Vista Ave
  • Blass Ave, SE, from Fairfield Rd to Maringo Rd
  • Maringo Rd, SE, from Blass Ave to Carlyon Ave

What is included in the agreement?

  • Pavement maintenance, including pothole repair, crack sealing, and any minor patching in the road surface that may be required.
  • Street sweeping.
  • Vegetation control.
  • Snow and ice control.
  • Stormwater runoff, including minor street flooding and clearing of plugged catch basins.
  • Pavement markings, including striping, crosswalk markings, etc.

What is not included?

First, it is important to note that this agreement only covers street maintenance; your utility services are NOT affected. Additionally, any stormwater blockage or maintenance beyond cleaning a catch basin is not included in this agreement.

What happens if I call the wrong City?

We realize, especially in the beginning, it may be a little confusing. Don't worry. If you call the wrong City, we will clarify and transfer your call.


Want more information?

For more information about the Olympia and Tumwater Interlocal Street Maintenance Agreement, please contact:

  • Olympia Contact:
    Kevin Krall, Street Operations Supervisor
    City of Olympia Public Works
  • Tumwater Contact:
    Dave Barclift, Superintendent of Public Works
    City of Tumwater Public Works