Special Meeting of the Heritage Review Committee

City of Olympia
Date of Release: October 31, 2018

Catherine McCoy
Associate Planner

Special Meeting of the Heritage Review Committee

Heritage Review Committee to Review Building Permit Application

The Heritage Review Committee will meet on November 5, 2018, at 12 p.m., in City Hall conference room 112, to consider a demolition permit application. The permit application is to demolish the structure located at 403 Capitol Way S, also known as the Goldberg/Schoenfeld Building. The building is a contributing property within the Olympia Downtown Historic District and as such, the Heritage Review Committee is expected to review the permit proposal and present findings and a recommendation to the Building Official prior to permit issuance (OMC 18.12.100, Demolition of a Historic Building or a Contributing Historic District Property).

Owned by the Olympia Federal Savings & Loan Association, the building was constructed in 1950 and designed by architects Gordon Stacey Bennett and Steve Johnson while working for architect Joseph Wohleb. The building housed Goldberg’s Furniture Store until the 1980s, when Ken Schoenfeld ran their furniture business from the location until they closed in 2010. The building that occupied the site prior to the Goldberg building was the historic McKenny Block, built in 1889 by General T. I. McKenny, a prominent businessman. It housed several state offices and the upscale Kneeland Hotel until the earthquake of 1949 damaged the building beyond repair (Schreck, 2015).

The public is welcome to attend this public meeting, however public testimony will not be taken. Comments and inquiries should be directed to the staff contact listed above.