Sea Level Rise Walking Tour

City of Olympia
Date of Release: September 04, 2018
Effective Through: October 31, 2018

Susan Clark
Senior Planner

Sea Level Rise Walking Tour

Sea Level Rise 

Joint Release From:

City of Olympia
Eric Christensen, Engineering and Planning Supervisor

Port of Olympia
Rachael Jamison, Planning, Public Works, and Environmental Director

Lisa Dennis-Perez, Director of Environmental Planning & Communications

The City of Olympia (City), Port of Olympia (Port), and LOTT Clean Water Alliance (LOTT) are working together, along with the consulting firm AECOM Technical Services, to create a response plan to protect Downtown Olympia from the impacts of sea level rise. Current planning work is focused on identifying potential adaptation strategies that could be used to protect Downtown.

The public is invited to attend a Sea Level Rise Walking Tour Event on Saturday, September 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., to learn more about sea level rise and potential adaptation strategies. The tour begins at an informational booth at the Port Plaza and ends at the Heritage Park Fountain. Three displays along the way will provide background information and highlight possible adaptation strategies. Project staff will be available at the Port Plaza booth to get you started and to answer questions. Those who cannot attend the September 8 event can still take the self-guided tour anytime during the month of September. Pick up a walking tour brochure at one of the displays along Percival Landing, or at City Hall, the Olympia Center, LOTT WET Science Center, or on the Sea Level Rise webpage.

A variety of potential adaptation strategies have been identified. Different areas of Downtown will require different adaptation strategies. In some areas, more than one adaptation strategy may be feasible, or a combination of strategies may be needed. Types of strategies and examples include:

  • Permanent flood protection: elevated paths, new sea walls, and higher existing sea walls.
  • Temporary flood protection: sandbagging, sealed street grates, and flood gates.
  • Non-structural actions: updated building codes, emergency response procedures.
  • Living with water: living shorelines, elevated structures, and allowing landscapes to flood.

More information about sea level rise and adaptation strategies will be available at the Sea Level Rise Open House and Community Meeting, scheduled for September 19, beginning at 6 p.m., at the LOTT Clean Water Alliance (500 Adams St NE, Olympia).  For additional information about sea level rise and the upcoming events, visit the City’s website at or call 360.753.8321.