Portland Loo at the Artesian Commons is Open to the Public

City of Olympia
Date of Release: August 18, 2017

Jim Rioux
Project Manager

Portland Loo at the Artesian Commons is Open to the Public

City installs Portland Loo as second permanent 24-hour restroom serving Downtown

The Portland Loo at the Artesian Commons is now open to the public.  The Loo’s installation, completed by City contractor JE Bauer Contracting, marks the second permanent Downtown public restroom the City of Olympia has opened this year for 24 hours a day seven days a week use.  The Percival West restroom, at the end of Sylvester Street, opened for 24-hour use several months ago.


“We’re pleased to have another permanent facility to meet the 24-hour needs of the Downtown community,” said Paul Simmons, Olympia Park, Recreation and Arts director.


The Percival West restroom and the Portland Loo are the result of a Downtown sanitation effort started by the Olympia City Council in the spring of 2016.  The effort included the piloting of four portable 24-hour restrooms around Downtown (the Portland Loo replaces the portable at the Artesian Commons), and additional funding for the Downtown Clean Team for the purpose of early morning human waste removal from City streets and alleyways.


While the Portland Loo installation work was taking place, the City also took the opportunity to improve the sidewalks on part of that 4th Ave. block. The Loo is a simple and sturdy flush toilet designed to provide the community with a clean, safe and a fully accessible public restroom.  Some key features include:


•          Louvers at the top and bottom angled to maintain privacy but allow law enforcement the opportunity to see the number of people inside.

•          Full compliance with ADA access requirements

•          Sturdy stainless steel fixtures that are easy to clean

•          A hand sanitizer dispenser inside and a simple hand washing station outside

•          Easy access to locked cabinets in the rear designed to simplify maintenance

•          Stainless steel construction with graffiti resistant powder coating


The City is continuing its work on a formal sanitation plan for the City’s Downtown.