Structure Fire

City of Olympia
Date of Release: June 28, 2018

Greg Wright
Fire Chief

Structure Fire

Olympia Firefighters responded to a reported fire in an overnight shelter at 7th and Franklin SE in downtown Olympia at 3:30 am this morning. The fire was called in by staff; reporting smoke in the building and an alarm sounding. Firefighters arrived at 3:35 am and found a fire sprinkler flowing in one sleeping area.

Responding firefighters found the one room evacuated, not all other rooms in the facility had evacuated. There was no fire or smoke. The flowing sprinkler was turned off and water removal was immediately undertaken by firefighters and shelter staff.

No actual fire damage was found but one fire sprinkler head had activated. A nearby smoke detector had also activated. Seven people sleeping in the area were moved to another room for the remainder of the morning. Staff will assist them in drying their belongings. The remainder of the facility was unaffected except for water on the floor. There was no smoke damage.

It is expected that the shelter will re-open at the normal time and capacity on Thursday evening. There were no injuries to staff occupants or firefighters and no one was displaced from the shelter. The cause of the activation is undetermined.