Updated Schedule for Roadway Crack Repairs

City of Olympia
Date of Release: June 13, 2017

Kathy Nolet
Project Coordinator

Updated Schedule for Roadway Crack Repairs

We have officially mobilized our Crack Seal Team ’17! Starting today (Tuesday, June 13) and continuing through the end of June, the City’s contractor, C.R. Contracting, will prepare and seal asphalt and concrete cracks on various City streets. This year’s project focuses mostly on downtown streets. Work will take place from about 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. There will be some noise during these hours.

We are actively working with the contractor to minimize impacts to parking. For the shortest time necessary to complete each section of road, the contractor will “bag” parking meters and put up “no parking signs” in non-metered stalls to prevent access. In addition, drivers should expect some minor traffic delays.

Updated Anticipated Schedule (Weather dependent)

  • June 13-14:  Harrison Avenue from McPhee Road to Kenyon Street
  • June 15-16:  Mud Bay Road from Hwy 101 to Rosewood Drive
  • June 16:  4th Avenue from the Bridge to Sylvester Street
  • June 19-21:  4th Avenue from Water Street to Pacific Avenue
  • June 21-22:  Plum Street from Union Avenue to Henderson Boulevard
  • June 22-23:  Union Avenue from Plum Street to Eastside Street
  • June 26:  5th Avenue from Olympic Way to Sylvester Street
  • June 26-27: 5th Avenue from Capitol Way to Plum Street
  • June 26-27: State Avenue from Water Street to Plum Street
  • June 28: Water Street from State Avenue to 4th Avenue
  • June 28: Olympic Way from 4th Avenue to Harrison Avenue

Thank you for your cooperation during this important work.