Information Regarding Tort Claim Received by City

City of Olympia
Date of Release: June 04, 2015

Lt. Paul Lower
Public Information Officer

Information Regarding Tort Claim Received by City

On June 3, 2015, the City of Olympia was notified by correspondence from the Beverly Grant Law Firm that one of their clients was filing a tort claim against the City for an incident that occurred on May 28, 2014. As with all claims filed with City, it has been forwarded to the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) to review. WCIA will make a determination as to whether City liability may exist.

Incident Information:

On May 28, 2014, at approximately 2:30 am, an Olympia police officer on routine patrol noticed activity in a commercial building that is not normally occupied at that time of the morning. Believing a crime was in progress, the officer radioed for assistance to investigate the open door.  Additional officers responded, approached the building, and made contact with a sole occupant, Tyrone Johnson.

Police have a responsibility and the right to conduct a brief investigatory detention under these circumstances. Following standard police procedure, Mr. Johnson was briefly handcuffed for 3-4 minutes while officers made a search of the building. Once the officers determined no crime was in progress they spoke to Mr. Johnson and learned he was an employee of the business. They explained to him why they were there and what they were doing and Mr. Johnson engaged them in a casual conversation.  Mr. Johnson was then released. No force was used, and no injuries were reported. The total encounter was about 20 minutes.

Below are the claim from Mr. Johnson and the officers’ statements of the events.

City Contact Information:

  • For questions regarding the claim or the City’s claims process, contact Jay Burney, Assistant City Manager / Risk Manger, 360.753.8740,
  • For questions regarding the incident, contact Lt. Paul Lower, Olympia Police Department, 360.753.8410;