Olympia Structure Fires

City of Olympia
Date of Release: February 27, 2018

Greg Wright
Deputy Fire Chief

Olympia Structure Fires

Two fires erupted in Olympia just before midnight on Monday, February 26, 2018.  The first fire, dispatched at 11:30 pm was on the 1800 block of 26th Ave. NE.  Olympia Fire Department units arrived in 7 minutes to find a small fire on a deck that was quickly extinguished.  Before the Olympia units had cleared the first fire, another fire was dispatched for the 2600 block of Martin Way East.  Mutual aid units from Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston Fire District 8 were dispatched at 11:32 pm and arrived at 11:39 pm.   The first Olympia unit that cleared the 26th Ave. fire arrived at the Martin Way fire at 11:40 pm.  This fire involved an approximately 20 foot travel trailer with multiple other travel trailers within less than 20 feet.

Fire units quickly began to extinguish the second fire.  In the process of establishing a water supply across Martin Way, the fire hydrant failed and sprayed water and gravel across 2 lanes of Martin Way.  A secondary water supply was used to extinguish the fire before it could spread to any other trailers.  City of Olympia Public Works crews responded to secure the hydrant, sweep the roadway and use deicing solution to prevent the water on the roadway from freezing.  Martin Way was closed for about 1 hour while the fire and street work were underway.

The travel trailer was completely destroyed.  The resident was transported to the hospital for an unrelated medical issue.  Fire investigators will be on the scene in the morning to attempt to determine the cause of the second fire.  Fire loss was about $8,500 for the trailer and contents.  The first fire on the deck appeared to have been caused by smoking.  Fire loss there was limited to under $1,000.

Fire units were back in their stations by about 2:00 am.  There were no injuries to firefighters.