Olympia Police Now Equipped with Narcan

City of Olympia
Date of Release: February 15, 2018

Lt. Sam Costello

Olympia Police Now Equipped with Narcan

Police Add New Tool That Will Save Lives

Police officers, corrections officers, and civilians with the Olympia Police Department have a new tool to combat the growing opioid crisis: nasal naloxone, which is intended to reverse the effects of opioids in people. Olympia, like many communities nationwide, has seen an increase in use and abuse of opiates in recent years.

“I have been watching the crisis develop in Olympia and couldn’t stand idle on the issue,” said Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts. “I want our employees to have the tool to save someone’s life.”

The medication is in the form of a mist that is administered nasally. Now, every Olympia Police Officer responding to calls in the field will have nasal naloxone with them. They are trained to administer it when they are presented with those who appear to have overdosed on opioids, most commonly prescription pain medication or heroin. Corrections officers with the Olympia Police Department and civilian staff also have the medication available to them.

Roberts said, “We know that timeliness in administering naloxone is a major factor for positive outcomes when dealing with an opioid overdose. Now we can help people experiencing an overdose much more quickly. This will save lives in our community.”

In recent weeks Olympia Police employees have been trained by a medical doctor to recognize signs and symptoms of opioid overdose and how to administer nasal naloxone and provide first aid until the fire department arrives. Uses of the medication will be monitored by the medical doctor.

“I’m pleased we’ve gotten this critical tool into the hands of our first responders,” said Roberts.