Sady Sparks Named 2019-2020 Olympia Poet Laureate

City of Olympia
Date of Release: January 03, 2019

Stephanie Johnson
Arts Program Manager

Sady Sparks Named 2019-2020 Olympia Poet Laureate

Olympia’s Second Poet Laureate to Read at the First City Council Meeting of the Year

In late November 2018, following a public search process, Sady Sparks was appointed by City Council as Olympia’s second Poet Laureate, following the inaugural term of Amy Solomon-Minarchi from 2017-2018.

Olympia’s Poet Laureate designation is a term of service rather than status, with the intent to:

  • Promote poetry as an art form
  • Expand access to the literary arts
  • Connect the community to poetry
  • Promote poetry as a community voice that contributes to a sense of place

Sparks impressed the selection committee in conveying a strong sense of inquiry in her work and dynamism in her approach, along with a very accessible and applicable program proposal. The first line of her proposal reads, “I am passionate about creating vibrant and enthusiastic spaces where people see, create, share and play with poetry.” 

The poetry reading at the first City Council meeting of the New Year has been an official function of Olympia’s Poet Laureate since inception of the program in 2017. Spark’s term began on January 1, 2019.