Downtown Transit Improvements

Aerial photo of State Avenue and 4th Avenue transit improvement areas

What's happening?

We are supporting Intercity Transit to provide faster transit service. Minor street and signal operation changes on State and 4th Avenues will help buses move through Downtown quickly and efficiently. Installation occurred in the fall of 2019.

Planned Improvements

Loading platform

A loading platform was installed on the corner of 4th Avenue and Washington Street. The platform extends the sidewalk, allowing people to board safely while the bus remains in the travel lane. Staying in the travel lane helps buses stay on schedule.

Designated bus lane

A designated bus lane on State Avenue allows bus drivers to pick-up and drop-off passengers at a curbside bus stop at the Olympia Transit Center. There will continue to be two travel lanes for all traffic moving along State Avenue.

A double white line on the road indicates that it is a restricted lane not open to general use traffic. Do not drive or park in this lane and do not use it as a loading zone.

Transit Signal

A transit-only signal at the State and Washington intersection gives waiting buses a head start through the intersection. Drivers note, there are new turn restrictions at this intersection. Look for new signs overhead.

This signal is the first of its kind in Olympia, but they are used across the country to create more efficient bus travel through cities. These signals are shown to reduce the amount of time buses are caught in congestion or waiting at a red light.

Aerial illustration of improvements at Intercity Transit Center

Transit Center Improvements Diagram

  1. New bus stop at the Olympia Transit Center.
  2. Bus only lane allows buses to access the new bus stop. Do not drive, park or idle in this area.
  3. One-way travel lanes remain, but right turns on red are now restricted.
  4. Transit signal is only visible from the bus lane and gives buses a head start before the traffic signal turns green for cars.
  5. Restricted area for Intercity Transit vehicles.

 Driver Tips

  • A double white line on the road indicates that it is a restricted lane and not open to general traffic use.
  • Do not drive or park in the bus only lane. Do not use this lane as a loading zone.
  • The transit only signal does not apply to general traffic such as passenger cars, cyclists, or commercial trucks. This signal is intended to direct buses through the State and Washington intersection from the bus only lane.
  • New turn restrictions are in effect at the State and Washington intersection. Look for the “No Turn on Red” signs overhead.


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