Green Cove Park Preliminary Plat, Project Number 19-0330

Project Description

Subdivision of a 50.28 acre site located into 181 single family residential lots and 14 tracts for access, stormwater, wetlands/buffers, open space, tree preservation, and a transit stop.

The site is located in the 2200 hundred block of Cooper Point Road. Access to the development will be from Cooper Point Road and Grove Road; lots will be served by city sewer and water.

Submittal Documents

Project Status

Status Update as of February 19, 2020

The City received a letter from the applicant's attorney on December 16, 2019 regarding additional soils investigations. The City's response will be posted once complete.

The applicant submitted a request to extend the timeline for resubmitting revised plans and reports in response to the City's August 18, 2019 Substantive Review letter (see link below). A 90 day extension was granted.

Status Update as of November 22, 2019.

The applicant submitted a number of documents on November 21, 2019 including exhibits showing project boundaries, test pits, environmental testing reports, list of technical reports and the consultants that prepared them, and reviewing public agencies. These documents can be view under View Submittal Documents. These documents can be viewed under View Submittal Documents.

Status Update as of November 20, 2019. 

City staff met with the applicant on October 31, 2019 to discuss several items from the City's Substantive Review Comments (see link below). Meeting notes were taken providing a summary of items discussed and next steps.

Status Update as of August 8, 2019.

The City issued a Notice of Delayed Decision on May 14, 2019, extending the timeline for issuing review comments.

The City retained Robinson Noble, Inc., a firm specializing in hydrogeologic, geotechnical, and environmental services, to evaluate existing documents pertinent to environmental concerns associated with the proposed development and provide recommendations for additional inquiry.  Their findings are summarized in a technical memorandum, which was forwarded to the applicant on June 21, 2019.  The applicant submitted a written response to the City on July 30, 2019. The City provided a response to the applicant on September 24, 2019.

The City has completed its first review of the proposed development and sent substantive review comment to the applicant on August 8, 2019.  (See the link below to access the cover letter, comment table and related attachments.)

Status Update as of March 22, 2019

A neighborhood meeting was held on February 28, 2019. City staff is currently reviewing the application materials and will post comments to this page when they are available. The comment section has been updated to include all comments submitted to date. There have been several questions regarding the review process. A flow chart of this process can be viewed here: Land Use Application Process

Status Update as of February 22, 2019 

The preliminary plat application was submitted on January 23, 2019 and deemed complete on February 12, 2019. The notice of land use application and neighborhood meeting was posted on-site and mailed to property owners and parties of record on February 15, 2019.

The proposal is currently being reviewed by city, county, and other agency and tribal staff. Review comments will be posted to this site once they have been compiled by the lead planner.

Public Meetings

A neighborhood meeting was held on Thursday, February 28, 2019 in the Council Chambers, Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Avenue East. 

A public hearing before the Olympia Hearing Examiner is required but has not yet been scheduled. The property will be posted and property owners and parties of record will receive additional notice once the hearing is scheduled.

How to Comment on the Proposal

Comments and inquiries regarding the proposal should be directed to Cari Hornbein, Senior Planner via e-mail or mailing addresses noted at the bottom of the page. While the first comment period ends on March 1, 2019, the City accepts public comments up to and through the public hearing.

Public comments will be posted to this site as they are received by the City.

Historic Documents

In response to requests for public records on the 2016 application (project number 16-9025, withdrawn by the Applicant in August 2018), the following materials have been compiled.


Contact Cari Hornbein at 360.753.8048 or

Written comments can be submitted via e-mail to the above address, or by mail to the following address:

City of Olympia, Community Planning and Development Department
P0 Box 1967
Olympia, WA 98507-1967