East Bay Drive & Olympia Ave Project

Aerial view of East Bay Drive & Olympia Ave intersection

What’s Happening?

The project at the East Bay Drive and Olympia Avenue intersection will improve traffic flow and safety for all users. Construction is scheduled for Summer 2020 and the estimated cost is $374,000.

Planned Changes

Traffic Flow

Lane modifications will reduce conflict points at this intersection and improve traffic flow. Between State Avenue and Olympia Avenue, there will be one northbound lane dedicated to left turns, and one through lane. Southbound, there will be only one lane as drivers approach Olympia Avenue, and two lanes after the intersection.

Pedestrian Features

Lane revisions will reduce the number of lanes pedestrians must cross and provide space for a crossing island. The island allows people walking to cross one lane at a time and reduces exposure to oncoming traffic. New crosswalk markings and button-activated flashing beacons will increase driver awareness of crossing pedestrians.

Bike Facilities

Buffered bike lanes on the north leg of East Bay Drive is a safety feature that creates space between cyclists and people driving. Road markings, such as a sharrow and a green bike lane, will raise awareness of people riding bicycles through this intersection.

Graphic illustration of intersection improvements

Intersection Diagram

This graphic is a conceptual representation of the planned changes.

  1. Bike Sharrow: Indicates a shared lane for drivers and cyclists.
  2. Lane Revision: Designated left turn lane.
  3. Upgraded Crosswalks: Install high visibility striping.
  4. Button-Activated Flashing Beacons: Raise driver awareness of people crossing the street.
  5. Green Bike Lane: Marks area where people walking and biking cross paths.
  6. Buffered Bike Lanes: Safety feature that separates cars from bikes.
  7. Lane Reduction: Reduces crossing distance and provides space for bike facilities.
  8. Pedestrian Island: Raised, concrete refuge feature.
  9. Accessibility Ramps: ADA ramps that meet current standards.

Project Benefits

  • Improves traffic flow.
  • Reduces conflicts between people walking, biking, and driving.
  • Improves mobility for a wide range of ages and abilities.


Contact Project Manager Randy Wesselman at 360.753.8477 or rwesselm@ci.olympia.wa.us