Downtown Street Improvement Projects


Map showing Legion Way, Capitol Way, Franklin Street and Washington Street

Enhancing our Downtown Streets!

Four major streets in the Downtown core are slated for improvements over the next several years. Near-term projects (indicated above in brown) are expected to begin in 2019 or 2020. Long-term projects (indicated in blue) are expected to begin sometime beyond 2020. Learn more about each below.

These projects were proposed as part of the City's Downtown Strategy in order to:

  • Improve walkability
  • Make bike connections
  • Support transit operations
  • Maintain mobility for cars and freight

Watercolor rendering of Downtown Street Enhancements at Franklin Street

Franklin Street

On Franklin Street, bulb outs at intersections, paving and some sidewalk replacement is proposed. Bulbouts extend the sidewalk into the street at intersections. They slow traffic and shorten the crossing distance for people walking.

Diagram of proposed improvements at Franklin Street

Watercolor rendering of Downtown Street Enhancements at Legion Way

Legion Way

A raised intersection, asphalt paving and bike facilities are proposed. In a raised intersection, the street surface is at the same level as the sidewalk. Cars ramp up slightly as they enter the intersection. The raised intersection serves as a gateway to the downtown core, slows traffic, and makes it easier for people walking to cross the street.

Diagram of proposed improvements at Legion Way

Watercolor rendering of Downtown Street Enhancements at Washington Street

Washington Street

A protected bike lane is proposed from 5th Avenue to the Farmers Market. This will provide a family-friendly route for people to bicycle through the downtown core. Washington Street would become a one-way street in order to preserve parking and provide the protected bike lane. Download our printer-friendly Washington Street Protected Bike Lane Proposal to learn more about the project.  

A Festival Street is proposed for the block in front of the Washington Center. A Festival Street functions like a normal street most days but can be closed and serve as a plaza for special events.

Diagram of proposed improvements at Washington Street

Watercolor rendering of Downtown Street Enhancements at Capitol Way

Capitol Way

The proposal for Capitol Way is to narrow the street through the downtown core in order to provide more sidewalk space and improve the streetscape. The 2014 Greening Capitol Way project recommended removing a lane to widen the sidewalk and landscape areas. The concept continued to receive support through the Downtown Strategy process.


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