Chehalis Western Trail - Bridge the Gap

Bridging the Gap

Pedestrian crossing the Martin Way bridgeThe "Bridging the Gap" project is closing the gaps in the Chehalis Western Trail, linking segments broken by major roadways. This improves safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as having many community, environmental and economic benefits.

The project is the product of a successful community partnership between Thurston County, the cities of Lacey and Olympia, and the WSDOT Olympic Region.

For more information on the "Bridging the Gap" Project visit the TRPC website or contact Thera Black at 360.956.7575 or

Phase 1 | I-5 Bridge | COMPLETE!

The first phase of the "Bridging the Gap" project was opened on February 19, 2007. The I-5 Bridge enables cyclists and pedestrians to cross I-5 between South Sound Center and Martin Way without having to detour to Lilly Road or Sleater-Kinney Road.

Phase 2 | Martin Way Bridge | COMPLETE!

On March 31, 2010, the second of three bridges connecting the Chehalis Western Trail over I-5, ultimately linking the trail with the Woodland Trail and the I-5 Bike Trail was open for public use. This section of the project connects the I-5 bridge directly to the Chehalis Western Trail where it terminates at Martin Way. It is useful not just for trail users, but for transit riders and anyone else who needs to cross Martin Way safely in this mid-block location.

Phase 3 | Pacific Avenue Bridge

The final phase the "Bridging the Gap" project will result in a permanent alignment behind South Sound Center and a bridge over Pacific Avenue. This segment will connect to the existing trail in the vicinity of 12th Avenue and to the east-west Woodland Trail.