The Thurston Regional Planning Council has just released their draft Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region. Review the plan and learn how to comment at the Sustainable Thurston website.

Olympia is proud to be a sustainable communityOlympia is a Sustainable City

Philosophy Statement

"A sustainable community is one that persists over generations and is far seeing enough, flexible enough and wise enough to maintain its natural, economic, social and political support systems." Read more...

-Adopted by the Olympia City Council
 March 16, 1993

The Olympia City Council has adopted four resolutions in support of sustainability:

  • Resolution 1306 - A Resolution by the Olympia City Council on City actions to mitigate global warming, adopted in February, 1991.
  • Resolution 1309 - A Resolution by the Olympia City Council on City actions to reduce use of petroleum fuel in order to improve air and water quality, mitigate global warming, reduce dependence on a limited resources, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce the need for pavement, thereby improving the urban environment and making Olympia more sustainable in the future, adopted in March, 1991.
  • Resolution 1550 - A Resolution adopting the strategy to manage and reduce energy and fuel consumption and greehouse gas emissions, adopted in March, 2004.
  • Resolution 1586 - A Resolution in support of Clean Car (Low Emission) Standards for Washington State, adopted in February, 2005.

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