Percival Plinth Project

PLINTH noun \'plin(t)th\

Plinth at Percival Landing1) In architecture, a plinth is the base or platform upon which a column, pedestal, statue, monument or structure rests.

2) On Percival Landing, plinths are the sculpture stands which form the basis of an art and performance promenade along Olympia's waterfront.

People's Prize Competition

Every year, the plinths at Percival Landing host a new selection of loaned sculpture by local and regional artists. A community vote is held and the sculpture that receives the most votes is purchased for permanent display at another location within the City.

Sculpture not awarded the People's Prize is available for purchase at the completion of its exhibition. Please contact the artist directly for purchase inquiries.

How to Vote

To be eligible to vote you must pick up an official ballot at Percival Landing and personally visit each of the displayed sculptures. Ballots may then be submitted at The Olympia Center, the weekend drop-box, or by mail.

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Loaned Sculpture Currently on Display (Download Map)

Ribbon by Rodger SquirrellRibbon

Artist: Rodger Squirrell

Medium: Stainless Steel

Location: 4th Avenue, East end of bridge

Rodger Squirrell gives new life to discarded industrial remnants and applies direct metal fabrication to steel, bronze, copper, stainless steel and other metals. Ball bearings, wire, wood, glass, and other materials are employed for masks, fountains, wall sculptures, decorative architectural components, indoor sculptures and public art installations.

"I like to surprise people with metal. It can be awe inspiring and delicate at the same time; organic and fierce - even musical." Squirrell admits that metal sometimes outwits him during the process of creation. He enjoys the changing qualities of sound, light, and rhythm that are lying in wait within metal.

Contact: 206.450.6664 |

Peace Dove by Charles FitzgeraldPeace Dove

Artist: Charles Fitzgerald

Medium: Stainless Steel

Location: 4th Avenue, East end of bridge

I am a retired high school art teacher and I have been exhibiting and selling art in the northwest for the past 25 years. I enjoy designing and creating pieces that have a connection to personal feelings and that may have a connection to the area that they will be displayed.

Contact: 253.686.2760 | |

Fat Tire #2 by Lance CarletonFat Tire #2

Artist: Lance Carleton

Medium: Metal

Location: Water Street & 4th Avenue

I am a contemporary artist creating eclectic sculptures from recycled material. Creating interactive sculptures is my life.

Contact: 206.617.9007 |

Stargazer by Tim DuffyStargazer

Artist: Timm Duffy

Medium: Bronze

Location: Water Street & 4th Avenue

I love being a sculptor, it all intrigues me to this day. Forms, textures, shapes, messages, impressions and symbols. I always loved the mysticism of metallurgy. Bronze is my primary medium and love bronze outdoors the best

Contact: 303.928.9480 |

Sentry by Kevin AuSentry

Artist: Kevin Au

Medium: Steel

Location: State Street Pavillion

I believe that art should be part of our culture. It should enrich our life and provoke thoughts and awareness. Public art should engage the spectator, give the public space an unique identity, and enhance harmony in the society.

I built my sculptures with sheet metal. Each sculpture started out on the computer. A basic concept is modeled in 3D. Numerous adjustments and changes follow the design spiral until the model meets my design goal. Further refinements are made to enable the surfaces to be developable, which means that it could be fabricated with flat metal sheets. Structural stress analysis is then done to ensure adequate strength. The design is then scaled down for a model with card stock paper. If necessary, the design is further adjusted for artistic appeal, or buildability. Only then, full size paper pattern are printed and used as template for the actual sculpture.

Contact: 206.232.5977 | |

Fossil II by Lin McJunkinFossil II

Artist: Lin McJunkin & Milo White

Medium: Steel & Glass

Location: State Street Pavillion

For nearly three decades, WA artist Milo White designed & custom built residential and commercial buildings, as well as steel commercial boats. Recently, he's been scaling down to create more personal metal art sculpture for indoor and outdoor display. Using a computer, CNC plasma cutter and welders, he experiments with the interaction of light on layered metal shapes. A variety of patinas and the inclusion of neon and LED lighting allow him to enhance that interplay.

WA glass sculptor Lin McJunkin adds highly colored and textured glass shapes to his metal frameworks, creating a hybrid new art form. Lin brings over 30 years' experience in the art glass world to their collaboration. While each artist is in full charge of the technical aspects of their work, all aesthetic, design, and marketing decisions are made together. This method continues to work well as they make a name for themselves as creators of inviting entrances to private and public spaces.

Contact: 360.941.6742 | |

Aqueous by Cyrra RobinsonAqueous

Location: Cyrra Robinson

Medium: Copper Sheet and Tube

Location: Olympia Avenue Plaza

I strive to develop work that evokes a tangible experience, not just passively looking at a representation, but introducing yourself to something that exudes the vastness of the natural world, a vital object. I hope that any audience of my practice will be struck by the same sense of wonder that I have enjoyed while creating it, and to empower themselves to explore and feel the work with their hands, hearts, and minds.


Like buried treasure, the fragments of life will at times reveal themselves to me within the material. The stratification of sediment or the petrified husk of an animal long dead allude to the songs and stories of an ancient world untouched by typical people, but whose reveries continue to be expressed today. A vast, unseen world primarily controlled by equally invisible forces, its inhabitants both adapting and surrendering to the constant flux. This fauna, and their ever extraneous existence in the abyss, spurred a body of work including Aqueous – A thriving, copper creature, gracefully traversing its environment, seemingly frozen for a moment in time to allow us a glimpse into its existence. Through line, repetition, and texture, this sculpture memorializes the efficacy of natural design, so evident in the life that exists, without cessation, under the forces of the ocean currents.

Contact: 406.529.6004 | |

Wisdom Seeker by Leon WhiteThe Wisdom Seeker

Artist: Leon White

Medium: Sandstone & Gold Leaf

Location: Olympia Avenue Plaza

Having produced 'Spirit Figures' in other mediums, I have wanted to carve one in Stone. I selected this Sandstone from the Tenino Quarry in Washington State. After getting the size and scale that I wanted, the first stage was to establish and carve the hooded robe with the folds draping over the back of the figure. Then, carving a mellow non gender specific face. To add more dimension to the figure I chose to Gold Leaf the center.

Contact: 206.922.3241 | |

Wounds of Time by Grant WalkerWounds of Time

Artist: Grant Walker

Medium: Alder & Steel

Location: Olympia Avenue Plaza

My inspiration comes from the trees, mountains, and bodies of water, ever so present here in the northwest region. Due to the demands of modern life, these beauties of creation fall into the background and lose their wonder; my art strives to reverse this effect. The piece "Wounds of Time" represents the process many trees go through in a lifetime. I have finished the exterior surface using a Japanese technique called Shou Sogi Ban. I used this technique to provide a durable surface and to reference fire. Fires have been used as a source for forestry management by nature and man for centuries. Wild fires and controlled burns clear the floor of the forest and allow for new growth, opening new room for habitat. I have also carved forms into the surface, which can resemble snag habitat, nurse log decay, and tree wounds. It is my hope that this piece allows for conversation about how we as humans interact with and affect these fascinating resources and their environments.

Contact: 360.489.2222 |

Midori Spring by Ann FlemingMidori Spring

Artist: Ann Fleming

Medium: Bronze with Steel Pedestal

Location: Near Harbor House

I am a sculptor who works in pottery clay. I then create a master mold and have my piece cast in bronze. The very nature of pottery clay has had a profound influence on the style of my work. Because the clay cannot be overworked, my figures have a simplified style. Because the hollow form has to hold its own weight while being sculpted, the figures are full and grounded. My artistic life has been spent working in the confines of a medium that is alive to me. It is the material of the vessel maker making the vessels that hold my tales. With each unexpected resistance, with each unfolding in the drying and the firing, this pesky medium leaves its own mark, making my work the richer for it.

Contact: 503.577.2730 | |

Diana's Quiver by Karsten BoysenDiana's Quiver

Artist: Karsten Boysen

Medium: Welded Salvaged Steel

Location: Near Harbor House

Art is all about mystery, stealth, and transformation - to reveal the dynamics of existence. Water is the perfect medium to express this as metaphor.

The materials I use are selected by a twist, a bend, a crumple - almost as if returning to a natural state. The movement mimics the fluid nature of water and all of its phenomena.

My work emulates nature, and the essence of nature - something artists have known from time immemorial – in the spiral, the DNA twist that imparts life to all things.

The spiral animates my art.

On the value of recycling and upcycling salvaged metals: What we discard today may be the best of what we have tomorrow.

The mind is silenced, the self gets out of the way, and the work is allowed to express itself.

Contact: 360.876.3234 |

Earthsound by Jon KalinEarthsound

Artist: Jon Kalin

Material: Bronze

Location: Near Harbor House

This is the first major bronze piece from my home foundry--I cast this in eight pieces and did the welding, chasing and patination myself, and is part of an exploration of the theme of attunement with Nature.

Contact: 360.273.7341 |

Doryman by Louise McDowellDoryman

Artist: Louise McDowell

Material: Bronze

Location: Near Harbor House

The "Doryman" is a dynamic image that arose from recollections that were indelibly imprinted in my memory. It grew out of my childhood remembrances of tales told by my father whose heritage was closely connected to the North Sea and to the men who made their livelihood as fisherman there. Having traveled across that sea in the dead of winter I can only imagine what it takes to dispatch the fishing boats out onto those waters. These images were only strengthened by my year in Kodiak, Alaska, where freezing wind could throw waves twenty feet into the air only to capture them as fantastic ice forms on the city dock, covering the fishing boats in the process. It takes an indomitable spirit to brave the waters in Bristol Bay, where I watched fishermen trudge across the tide plain to the cannery, dwarfed by the shear expanse of wilderness. I now live in Ballard just above the fishing fleet. In creating the "Doryman" I attempted to capture the strength and courage of these men (and women).

Contact: 206.782.8648 | |

Embrace by Ken TurnerEmbrace

Artist: Ken Turner

Material: Stainless Steel

Location: North of Harbor House

I'm interested in delighting the viewer’s vision and mind.

Contact: |

Growing by Jesse SwickardGrowing II

Artist: Jesse Swickard

Medium: Stainless Steel

Location: North of Harbor House

Working artist in Sherwood Oregon placing sculpture in many cities around the NW focused on nature based art with a strong statement toward protecting our lands.

Contact: 503.625.3520 | |


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