Percival Landing

FLOAT REPAIR WORK TO BEGIN IN 2015. The City will replace F-Float and install a new vessel pump-out station, and add power and water to E-Float. Work is anticipated to be completed before the 2015 boating season.  Project Scope and Schedule

Park Features

Percival Landing is 3.38 acres and is one of Olympia's three waterfront parks and is located on the east side of Budd Bay on the southern most tip of Puget Sound. This popular park and tourist destination is in the heart of downtown and is a hub for gatherings, social interaction and public celebrations. The Landing includes a 0.9-mile boardwalk extending along the eastern shoreline of West Bay from the Fourth Avenue Bridge to Thurston Avenue. Get Map and Directions.

The park includes:

Park History

Percival Landing Park was named after the old commercial steamship wharf, a well-known maritime landmark in the Pacific Northwest. The original dock, built by Sam Percival in 1860, was operated by the Percival Family. The first phase of Percival Landing, as we know it today, was completed and opened in 1978, phase two in 1985, and phase three in 1988.

The City completed acquisition of the former Unocal Tank Farm site in 1996. This additional parkland is now a lawn area used for picnics and gatherings during special events.

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