Bigelow Springs

Bigelow Springs


1.3 Acres


930 Bigelow Avenue NE

Park Features: 

  • Picnic Areas
  • Hummingbird Garden

This grassy open space contains Bigelow Springs, a free-flowing artesian well. There are interpretive signs and a small seating area near the springs. This hillside park provides great views of East Bay and is a popular sledding hill on Olympia's rare snowy days.

Park History:

This property originally belonged to an early homesteader in this area, Daniel R. Bigelow. In Olympia's early years, the springs served as a source of drinking water for the surrounding neighborhood. Four houses in the neighborhood paid $1 per month for water until the price was raised to $1.50 per month in 1935. The City purchased the property in 1994, and developed the site in 1995 with the help of a Sierra Club grant.


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