Olympia is a Sanctuary City

Statement from Olympia Mayor, Cheryl Selby

January 27, 2017

On December 13, 2016, the City of Olympia declared itself a Sanctuary City by resolution. Nothing has changed in our resolve to be just that. Our City will serve all our residents regardless of their immigration status.

While the City and its employees would never interfere with the national government’s enforcement of federal law, we will leave to the federal government what is the federal government’s responsibility to enforce.

As a Sanctuary City, we now stand under the cloud of federal action that could threaten the financial support Sanctuary Cities receive from the national government. But we Olympians are used to clouds. We stand under them all the time, and we are unafraid of the rain.

We don’t know how the Sanctuary City issue will play out in the public arena and in our courts, and we will keep the community updated as the situation unfolds. But Olympia will stand true to its values. To quote Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, “An open, welcoming and compassionate spirit is not just an ideal that we try to live up to – it’s part of the American character.”


Contact Kellie Purce Braseth at 360.753.8361 or kbraseth@ci.olympia.wa.us