2017 Calendar Art Contest

Water Resources Stewardship Through Art

Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Water Conservation

City of Olympia Water Resources is developing a calendar to promote stormwater pollution prevention and water conservation practices.  To help us convey these messages, we are conducting an art contest with Olympia middle school students.  Twelve pictures will be selected to develop the calendar.  From the entries submitted, the City will select artwork depicting each of the following messages (one message per art piece please):

  1. Only rain down the storm drain
  2. Use a commercial car wash
  3. Scoop, bag & trash pet waste
  4. Practice natural lawn care
  5. Don't drip & drive - fix vehicle leaks
  6. Report spills - call spills hotline
  7. Install efficient appliances and fixtures
  8. Take shorter showers
  9. Don't let the water run
  10. Be a leak detector - find & fix
  11. Water landscapes early or late
  12. Install a rain barrel

2017 Qualifying Schools:

  • ORLA
  • Jefferson Middles School
  • Marshall Middle School 
  • Reeves Middle School
  • Washington Middle School

How do I enter?

Download the Official Entry Form, then draw or paint an original picture depicting one of the 12 messages above (one entry per student only).


Selected artists will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, a pizza party and recognition at a City Council meeting this fall.

Deadline:  Friday, May 19, 2017


Susan McCleary, Stormwater

Erin Conine, Water Conservation