Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Story Map

View our interactive Sea Level Rise Story Map for a clear picture of projected rising sea levels in Olympia and the effects on downtown buildings and infrastructure.

The Threat to Downtown

Sea Level Rise Image

Global climate forces are predicted to have a powerful local impact. The sooner we begin to plan and address the local impacts of sea level rise, the better we can respond proactively. Now is the best time to begin understanding the flooding risks in our Downtown and respond appropriately.

Our Downtown has a long history of flooding and is currently vulnerable during high tides. The City of Olympia and Washington State currently manage the threat, but just barely.

The risk of widespread flooding in Downtown increases as sea levels rise and weather systems become increasingly volatile. The magnitude and timing of sea level rise is uncertain, but the risk is clear. Current trends in sea rise and weather patterns are concerning.

What We Are Doing

The City is developing a Sea Level Response Plan that will balance risks, uncertainty, and both private and public costs so that our community can implement a clear and orderly response.

The Plan will identify needs for protecting downtown and develop a response that can be implemented incrementally and modified as new information emerges.

Planning Timeline

2016: Scoping, Problem Definition, Jurisdictional Coordination In Progress

2017: Plan Development including Funding Evaluation

2018: Plan adoption including Financial Structures

2019: Implementation

Previous Assessments & Reports


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